Storm Seeker “Beneath in the Cold” Bundle


The “Pirate Scum Bundle” includes the digipak and a shirt of your choice at a lower price.

“Pirate Scum” is the first EP published by the pirate metal band Storm Seeker. It contains six songs with a 4-paged digipak and a 12-paged booklet.

Release date April 22nd 2016


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“Beneath in the Cold” is the first full lenght album published by the pirate folk metal band Storm Seeker. It contains ten songs with a 4-paged digipak and a 24-paged booklet.

Once you’ve purchased the physical CD you can download a digital copy in FLAC, WAV or MP3 (320kbit/s). The digipak ships in an eco-friendly cardboard envelope.


1. Nemo (1:19)

2. Drag o Below (3:24)

3. Pirate Squad (3:17)

4. Deep Sea Waltz (3:41)

5. Drink till Dawn (5:56)

6. Barrel of Grog (3:44)

7. Darkest of Caves (4:24)

8. Prophecy (4:12)

9. Plunderer and a Thief (7:02)

10. Rum (3:03)


Timothy Abor – Vocals, Bass

Sandy McGnomsen – Cello, Nyckelharpa, Vocals

Olaf Abor – Guitar, Vocals

Fabi – Hurdy Gurdy, Recorder, Vocals

Ju – Drums

Tim aka Ughar der Schreckliche – Keyboards


Engineered Marius Bornfleth

Produced & Mixed by Marius Bornfleth

Mastered by Marius Bornfleth


Release date May 18nd 2019