Storm Seeker, founded in 2013, plays Pirate Folk Metal with extraordinary instruments like cello and hurdy gurdy. After over 30 successful concert in different cities in Germany, the band just released their first EP Pirate Scum via Aeterna Records.

Their songs seem to be resulting from cozy get-togethers in a harbour drinking hole and forays on the high seas. One can almost smell the rum impregnated oak barrels and hear creaking old wooden floorboards once Storm Seeker enters the stage. The Pirate Folk Metal Band from Düsseldorf/Neuss (Germany) convinces totally.

“Damn, if Storm Seeker can deliver a whole album on this level, I don’t see another band at the moment that could resist this storm.” – 8/ |,28875.html
„Listen! Have fun! Dance! Drink!“ – 7/ |
„Storm Seeker deliver a convincing work with their „Pirate Scum“ EP…“ – 7/ |
„The only flaw of this EP is, that it is too short…“ – 9/ |
“Heroic chants, catchy melodies and a versatile instrumentation. […] Explicit recommendation for headbanging pirates!”Sonic Seducer Magazine 9/2016

Besides the two front singers Timo and Patricia and several polyphonic choirs Storm Seeker plays, apart from usual Metal instruments, ancient instrument like hurdy gurdy, cello, accordion and tin whistles. They sing of the great stories of pirates and the vastness of the seven seas. The group provides a thrilling show that guarantees neck pain and hoarseness…

Apart from all cheerfulness Storm Seeker is also capable of producing more melancholic sounds and therefore creates a unique balance between party mood and musically demanding parts.



Vocals & Bass


Cello & Backing Vocals




Drums & Backing Vocals

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Storm Seeker uses interfaces from PreSonus in the studio and on stage.

Storm Seeker is supported by Wacken Foundation.