About Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker, founded in 2013, plays Pirate Folk Metal with extraordinary instruments like cello, hurdy gurdy and nyckelharpa. After over 50 successful concert in different cities in Germany up to MetalDays Slowenia, the band just released their second studio album “Guns Don't Cry”.

Surrounded by humid darkness and the bitter cold of an unrelenting current, the acrid smell of salt as your only companion. For a long time you have been used to this sad loneliness and are swaying in the melancholy of being, before you, as soon as the melody inside you fades away, are thrown into the cold water by the roughness in Timothy's voice. A seductive depth in which so quickly no rescue is to be expected. Provided, of course, you want to be rescued at all. Because when Storm Seeker invites you to become part of their crew for an evening, only deaf ears can resist the clear voices of the double, female front singing and the proper portion of polyphonic choirs. Surrounded by the unusual melodies of the hurdy-gurdy, the cello and the nyckelharpa, the band does not only report about the dangers and longings of seafaring. They also manage it to spread the excessive tendency to lavish celebrations in such an atmospheric way, like only those can who don‘t know if they will return from tommorow‘s adventures on the sea.

Once Storm Seeker boards the stage ship there is no compromise: Either you keep up with the current or will be ruthlessly washed away.


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