About Storm Seeker


Only one bottle of rum everyone and don‘t drink and steer! And now, zack zack, the crew expects your full commitment!

When Storm Seeker invites you to become part of their Nautic Force for an evening, only deaf ears can resist Captain Timothy's rough voice or Fabi's clear vocals. Also the heavy portion of polyphonic choirs knows how to cast a spell on the unwary listener.

Surrounded by the unusual sounds of hurdy-gurdy and flutes, the band is not only able to tell of the dangers and longings of seafaring. They also spread such a rapturous mood of celebration as only those who have to reckon with not returning from their adventures on the high seas can.

As soon as Storm Seeker boards the stage ship, there is no compromise: Either you withstand the current or you will be mercilessly washed away.

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