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Storm Seeker, founded in 2013, plays Pirate Folk Metal with extraordinary instruments like cello, hurdy gurdy and nyckelharpa. After over 50 successful concert in different cities in Germany up to MetalDays Slowenia, the band just released their full length Album “Beneath in the Cold”.

Surrounded by wet darkness and the piercing cold of an invincible stream, your only fellow – a biting smell of salt. You’ve been used to this solitude for a long time swaying in the melancholy of existence. And then suddenly, before your inner melody stops ringing, you’ll be thrown into the cold waters by Timothy’s rough voice – a seductive deepness that promises a way of no return!

„Definitly more complex than ALESTORM, but with similar joy of playing, you can really look forward to the Bands upcoming concerts.“ - 8/10metal.de

-1 out of 5

„I can‘t remember the last time when I have been so enthusiastic about a band!“heavystageforce.rocks

-1 out of 5

„Damn, if Storm Seeker can deliver a while album on this level, I don't see another band at the moment that could resist this storm.“ - 8/10powermetal.de

-1 out of 5

„Listen! Have fun! Dance! Drink!“ - 7/10silence-magazin.de

-1 out of 5

„Storm Seeker deliver a convincing work with their „Pirate Scum“ EP...“ - 7/10metal.de

-1 out of 5

„The only flaw of this EP is, that it is too short...“ - 9/10dearly-demented.de

-1 out of 5

„Heroic chants, catchy melodies and a versatile instrumentation. [...] Explicit recommendation for headbanging pirates!“Sonic Seducer Magazine 9/2016

-1 out of 5

In doubt you want to be returning at all, because when you’ll be invited to be a part of Storm Seekers crew for one night, only deaf ears can resist the clear double female fronted voices and the powerful choirs. Woven into the haunting melodies of hurdy-gurdy, cello and nyckelharpa, the band tells stories not only of the dangers and longings of a sailor, but also celebrates a roaring feast – which can only be held by people who never know if they’ll return from their next adventures on the sea.
When Storm Seeker enter the stage-ship, there’s no mercy – you’ll stand the stream or be washed away.

Apart from all cheerfulness Storm Seeker is also capable of producing more melancholic sounds and therefore creates a unique balance between party mood and musically demanding parts.

Beneath in the Cold (2019)



Main Vocals & Bass


Cello & Nyckelharpa & Vocals


Guitar & Vocals


Hurdy Gurdy & Recorder & Vocals





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Storm Seeker is supported by Wacken Foundation.